Caring For Others

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The Compassionate Bee grew out of a desire to live naturally, serve others, and carefully steward the resources entrusted to us.

The first step was jumping in to beekeeping with both feet, and very little knowledge. With time, we became skilled beekeepers, and the bounty of the hive stacked up in our garage. What to do next became a pressing question…lotion bars made with natural oils and our bees wax proved to be our solution.

Support a cause with products you love…

The profits from our lotion bars go to support two non-profit organizations that defend some of the world’s most vulnerable children. The Asian Pacific Children’s Fund is a nonprofit organization that funds orphanages caring for children in high risk areas of the world. Compassion First, an organization committed to caring for victims of human trafficking, is transforming communities, one life at a time.

Compassion First

Asian Pacific Children’s Fund


I had burned my thumb with coffee at work and me and my husband tried a few products to try to help it. I can’t use any creams that have steric acid as an ingredient in them. I have been using your bar and it has been a God send. It is something that waterproofs my hand when I have to wash them so much at work. The thumb is daily Improving and I’m thankful to know about your site now too; it is encouraging.